Monica Maimone

Rite and Theater

Founder and artistic director of Mymoon
Monica Maimone started her career in theater in the early '70s.
Following the model of Erwin Piscator's "Volksbũhne” formed the theatre group called "Nuova Scena" along with Dario Fo and Franca Rame. Its most important production was the spectacle titled "Mistero Buffo".
Years later, she worked at Parenti Salone Pier Lombardo, Milan (later renamed Teatro Franco Parenti) alongside Franco Parenti and Andrée Ruth Shammah, following its program and production of theatre activities. In 1977 she became the director of the theater.
As stage director, signs the plays such as "Et tenebrae eum non comprenderunt" and “Silenzio e parola” in 1988; “Acqua e fuoco” in 1990.

Leaving the enclosed theaters, starts a closer partnership - both artistically and personally - with Valerio Festi, establishing together Studio Festi: an artistic project and production center that creates and carries worldwide performances and unique installations.
The two produced and designed Antigone of the city - a choral performance held simultaneously in ten different squares of Bologna. It is an example of political theatre, coming from a vital necessity to testify and express our duty to remember the massacre of August 2, 1980.
On the commission of the regional agency to the tourism promotion of Trentino, stages five "itinerari della memoria" in the castles of Trentino, setting up as well other performances of the project, as the 'Se in Trentino d'estate un castello' and Incanti e memorie.
In Palermo, produced and directed the celebrations of the Feast of Santa Rosalia by reinterpreting its original meaning and then emphasizing it with a great contemporary expression.
Among her works of authorship, is the "Trilogia sugli Angeli", performed in Bogota, Colorado Springs, Madrid, Moscow, Santiago de Compostela, Bologna, Fano, Mantua, Naples, Ravenna, Rome, and Spoleto.
In 2006 directed the Opening Ceremony of the XX Olympic Winter Games in Torino - directing the segments of “Dal Rinascimento al Barocco” (From Renaissance to Baroque) - in 2009, was the author and stage director of the Opening Ceremony of the 13th FINA World Championships in Rome and in 2013 produced the show for the opening of the 49th edition of the Nordic World Ski Championships in Trento.

Monica Maimone is President of Ipazia-Arte Foundation for the environment, whose mission is to encourage artists to focus on the environment. Among the activities of the Foundation, is the performance Deluge, a show first presented in Laikipia, Kenya.

Founder and artistic director of Mymoon Srl, the company celebrates a tradition which for 30 years has been the work of Studio Festi.

Monica Maimone lives and works in a large house surrounded by woods, in the mountains on the border with Switzerland, where she hopes for the future, for the utopia of a living and popular theatre.

monica maimone