Studio Festi by Mymoon“WALKING IN THE CLOUDS”


In the same manner that the wind moves the clouds, so does the light: it moves and leads our dreams. Huge lighting storms move dreamlike clouds towards the outermost edge, making the rain fall in our dreams; mini stars flashing move our dreams around. Red sunset creates ecstatic images. At noon, expected dreams get together.

Mymoon is a collective of ideas and projects.
A company that is aware of the rapidly changing market for events and city festivals and that is willing to maintain and celebrate a tradition that for 30 years has been the work of Valerio Festi.
At that time, when Europe was celebrating 'the power of imagination', maestro Valerio Festi created a new artistic expression for the plein air festival: la meraviglia.
Nowadays, the events had assumed different characters and purposes and our mission is to create ad hoc projects for cities, institutions, companies and general public.

An event is always unique in its genre and it has an unrepeatable nature.
Our goal is to make them exciting and memorable, is to give substance to our dreams, turning them into images and performances that are contextualized in the real world to approach everyone in the squares of Italy and of the world.

We have been in 100 cities of the world, and in all of them you can hear our soft sound of footsteps trampling the clouds; and anywhere, at any of these places you can feel the smiling of many children flying towards the air, towards our flying characters; we tell stories that nobody else tells, stories with conviction built from a collective dream.

Therefore, we create multiple characters to link the impossible with the unexpected, fantasy, magician, technology and story.
That is what we do: capture dreams and turn them into realities.

A 30-year history

Studio Festi was founded in 1981, with the intention to bring into the world the poetry and wonder. It invented the 'teatro della leggerezza', which is descended from Baroque tradition (‘il fin la meraviglia’) proposing to the crowded squares, a ‘Teatro volante’ visible to all, full of meanings and feelings.
Studio Festi has become a benchmark for planning festivals and large celebrations in Italy and around the world.
The realization of the Feast of Santa Rosalia in Palermo, for three consecutive years, and the staging held in Bologna, called Antigone of the City - in commemoration of the 1980 massacre – were critically acclaimed for their dramaturgic aesthetic.
Not only the dramaturgic, but also the techniques introduced by the light installations were highly innovative: such as those designed and produced for the memorial of Kobe earthquake, which since 1995 is still commemorated.
Studio Festi has taken the aesthetics, techniques and types of baroque fireworks and developed it with live performance of classical pieces.
The most significant example of this development was performed at St. Peter's Square, a concerto by the Orchestra of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia conducted by Myung-Whun Chung, at the inauguration of the restoration of St. Peter's Basilica facade.

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A few years ago, Studio Festi moved to a developing country, Brazil, to implement its conceptual expression in a festive mood.

Our work is still "The Art of Celebration".
Around Italy and the world, around the cities, countryside and villages, aiming to discover new places, memories, people and build with them new festivals.

Mymoon reflects its heritage,
in Italy and other parts of the world

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