il Fin, la MeravigliaA STORY THROUGH IMAGES


Today, in Italy and around the world: the festivities of our time, cities, countries and nations where we live in.

The subject of experience that is told here comes from a group of people who have met and got to know each other through work, by experimenting together during these years and changing the foundations of the world where we live in.

Studio Festi by Mymoon is a collective of ideas and projects.
It is a company that is aware of the rapidly changing market for events and city festivals and that is willing to maintain and celebrate a tradition that for 30 years has been the work of Valerio Festi.
At that time, when Europe was celebrating 'the power of imagination', maestro Valerio Festi created a new artistic expression for the open-air performance: la meraviglia.

Arts and Crafts: traditions and innovations, art and culture
Arts and crafts festival come together through a craft, professional and creative world, creating a new international theatre scene and open-air show.
Deep in the memories that are full of meanings and values of an ancient festivity or of a new one, or even of a festival that "does not exist" with new signs, images, stories that today can give shape, a code, a language to this content.

Nowadays the events had assumed different characters and purposes and our mission is to create ad hoc projects for different cities, institutions, companies and private organizations.

An event is always unique in its genre and it has an unrepeatable nature.
Our goal is to make them exciting and memorable, is to give substance to our dreams, turning them into images and performances that are contextualized in the real world to approach everyone to the squares of Italy and of the world.

Our scenery is in open-air, it is the environmental theatre, the occasional performance: It is the theatre of the feast.

presentazioneA story through images

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